Tuesday, December 15, 2015

THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS is the best film ever made, period!

With out a doubt THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS is the best film ever made by mankind.  Cinema as an genre is now closed.  The art of filmmaking is over.  THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS has changed the paradigm of filmmaking.  From this point on every film that is made will compare itself to THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS.

The word perfection is inferior to describe THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS.  This film is completely beyond that.  When you watch this film with your eyeballs, you will think about what life means.  This film is so perfect you are not able to put it into words.

What makes THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS so amazing?  The story, the acting, the locations, the props and sets, the visual effects, or the social message that is through out the film? The correct answer is all of them.

After watching THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS you will question your own life.  You will question other people's lives.  You will know that you are alive for the first time ever after watching this film.

The major reason that this film will change your life is the message.  Hollywood can't make a film with a message.  Most indie films can't either because they are too boring.  However with THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS it is a perfect blend of action, drama, comedy and the message and theme of the film comes out like the best writing of a novel ever wrote.

The Robots are analogy of what is wrong with the world.  The four protagonist are the symbols of hope in a world that has no hope due to the dehumanization of humanity.   The heart fought struggle is a cinematic ride that will forever change your life once you see it.  It is parable, it is a morality play that comes to life before your every eyes.

The cinematography is amazing!  The use of camera angles and wide shots are used with a clear artsy eye for detail and emotion.  The art direction is beyond any film you have ever seen.  The visual effects are the yard stick for any film from this point. The acting is so emotional, that you will forget that you are watching a film.  The music is so moving, that you will hum the theme for years after you saw the film.  And the writing and directing are beyond words or thoughts.  Can you say the word genius by watching a film?  The answer is yes if it is THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS.

Do yourself and the world and the universe a favor and watch THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS.  You only live once (YOLO) so make sure you live it!  THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS will make your decision to live life an easy one, yes life is great!  Thank you for this amazing film!  To everyone that worked on this film, it is a true gift to the world and the ages!  Thank you.  It does compute.

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